This Year’s Curriculum

I know some places have already begun the 21/22 school year but here in Oregon most kids don’t typically get started until after Labor Day, so that will be my plan as well. Of course my approach to school is to never really stop. Throughout the Summer Nathan has continued to do math regularly and … Continue reading This Year’s Curriculum

Teaching a Child to Read

I have taught many children to read, and it is such an exciting thing to see the understanding of how to read really click in a child’s brain. I even get a little thrill of excitement when I see complete strangers sharing on social media videos of their children beginning to “get it.” This post … Continue reading Teaching a Child to Read

A New Year and Enough

I haven’t written for a while now. Instead of writing my advice on how to be present with your kids and enjoy the holidays, I was busy with my own kids, enjoying ours. The holidays were more tough this year because I just wasn’t feeling Christmas like I usually do, despite all my efforts. Who … Continue reading A New Year and Enough

Skeleton Schooling

There are many different “methods” or schools of thought when it comes to teaching our children. Different schools, teachers and parents will be drawn toward the various methods, and do their best to implement them for their students. Some of the popular ones out there are Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Classical, and even Unschooling, and they … Continue reading Skeleton Schooling

Fires and Homeschool

This has been an insane week. I had planned to start the new school year on the 8th, and technically we did manage this. We did a few lessons and took some First Day of School pictures. Shortly after this though life got crazy. My childhood home is in a community that was threatened by … Continue reading Fires and Homeschool

As Seasons Change

There is something about school supplies that excites me. I know I am not alone in this. I have to fight to keep myself from buying new crayons every year, especially since I typically have several unopened boxes from the previous year. There is just something wonderful about fresh crayons, and you never know when … Continue reading As Seasons Change

Why I Homeschool

Like many homeschooling parents, the reasons I have for choosing to homeschool my children are many and varied. I care that I am the one choosing what they learn and when. I like that I know my children are safe at home, and I’m not having to worry about them being bullied or some such … Continue reading Why I Homeschool

You’ve Always Been Their Teacher

The comment I probably see most often when it comes to homeschooling, (besides “socialization”) is parents feeling like they aren’t qualified to teach their kids. It seems as if some parents are worried that they themselves won’t have the skill needed to teach their children things. I think I understand where these thoughts are coming … Continue reading You’ve Always Been Their Teacher

Why “Gradient Homeschool”

To start off this blog I want to share why I chose the name “Gradient Homeschool.” I wanted a word that expressed the ease, and the natural progression of learning. I asked a couple family members to brainstorm with me, and the word ‘gradient’ came out, as in ‘color gradient.’ Picture in your mind the … Continue reading Why “Gradient Homeschool”

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