My name is Stephanie. I am the mother of two boys, and a second generation homeschooler.

 Reading is my favorite pass time, with my favorite genre being kid’s literature. I have a general love for learning new things, and always have multiple areas of study going at a time. I enjoy playing games, especially if they involve cards and speed! I would be considered a “crunchy mama” from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and am proud of it. Oh, and I love Christmas time. 

As a second generation homeschooler I feel like I have a unique perspective to share; being a person who was homeschooled and now also a homeschooling parent. I am not an expert, and honestly I don’t believe anyone is truly an expert when it comes to education. I do have a homeschool background though, and I also worked in a preschool for many years, so though I wouldn’t claim expertise, I do have a good bit of experience and history to share. This blog is the place I’ve created to do just that. I hope you find my words both encouraging and at least a little inspiring. 

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