A New Year and Enough

I haven’t written for a while now. Instead of writing my advice on how to be present with your kids and enjoy the holidays, I was busy with my own kids, enjoying ours. The holidays were more tough this year because I just wasn’t feeling Christmas like I usually do, despite all my efforts. Who am I to give advice to others when everything I was doing wasn’t helping me to feel in the holiday mood? So I just chose not to write.

I am a big fan of Christmas, so much so that I even celebrate Christmas in July, but to be honest it never really got to feeling like Christmas to me this year. I still made sure to do all the things we normally do for Christmas. I didn’t let the lack of what I was feeling affect how my kids experienced their Christmas. We never really do a big gathering so that wasn’t missing for us this year. We did advent every night, and focused on the light, and had plenty of fun as a family, playing games and watching some movies. Now it’s over and we’re all preparing to begin a new year.

Obviously this past year has sucked for most people, and I truly hope this next year holds more good news for us all. I am not going to dwell on the craptastic that was this past year though. I’m just thankful to have come through it mostly unscathed. The reality is though, that at the stroke of midnight nothing actually changes. BUT the new year always holds new hopes. I hope this next year is better than the last. I hope this for everyone. The new year is also guaranteed to come with struggles of it’s own; that is life in a fallen world. I will live in hope though, and the actions I choose to take can help. I’m more of a realist than an optimist, but I am also a realist that knows I do have some power over my life. I cannot control the world around me, but I can chose where my focus lies, where energy goes, and where I place my hope. I can look at this next year and decide how I want to begin it even if I cannot see where it will head.

Now for homeschooling, since this is a homeschool blog. We have taken a little holiday break, which has included plenty of games (lots of math happening here) and lots of reading. I plan to get back into the swing of things come January after we celebrate my youngest’s birthday. If you read my last blog, you know I think of myself as a “skeleton” schooler. I have a general structure or outline of the things I want to focus on, or make sure we cover, and then everything is pretty fluid from there. Before I start up a regular schooling schedule again, I will sit down and make a list of the things I want to be doing for the next little bit of time. Like scissor work for both my boys ( an area of weakness for them both) and how I want to move forward with teaching my youngest to read or my oldest to begin writing more. I will take a look at math and see how it’s going for us, and if there is anything I want to change up. I’m planning to start a English word roots curriculum, so I’ll prep that, and that’s it. We’ll just get back into the swing of things. We’ll do some school most days, and we play, and we’ll enjoy our Winter while we anticipate Spring.

Remember, school does not have to be overly complicated. In my opinion, learning shouldn’t cause stress until you get to college. Hahah then the stress is inevitable I think. Do not think you need to do all the things. Do not think just because Susie McHomeschool’s kids are doing this or that, that means yours should be too. I suggest you take the opportunity of a new year to evaluate what matters to you, what your kids are really needing during this time, then make adjustments accordingly. Mostly I just suggest you stop watching people’s lives that make you feel like your life is somehow less, or that you are not doing enough. I’m sure we’ve all been sucked into that social media emotional trap. This year I want to make sure to acknowledge said trap and side step it. I am not those other moms and neither are you. There are things I am not capable of doing, wether it’s financial, physical, emotional and even geographical reasons. There are things my kids will and do miss out on. That’s normal. Not all kids will live the same kind of life. My kids are mine, and they’ll live the life I can give them. Your kids are yours and they’ll live the lives you can give them. That is enough. You enough. If nothing else, I hope you go into this near year knowing and hopefully also believing that you are enough.

Happy New Year to all and happy homeschooling


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